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Modern Health

center for non-invasive diagnostics

and frequency therapy


We use machines such as the Plasma Generator, and Supper Ravo Zapper

we work with anti-parasitics and other health supplements

Healthy nutrition and RAW nutrion

Our E-Shop is also available for your convienence


Please feel free to check out what we offer, among other things, you may choose

from our organic dried fruits, nuts, and seeds

our prices are unbeatable, please check out our selection.




Are you dealing with health issues and are unable to get better?

Do you feel like you are receiving treatement for your symptoms but not getting to the bottom of the real cause of your health problems?

Are you paying for expensive medications, and you feel like it is no use?

Are you dissatisfied with your treatment?

Choose to get examined by our diagnostic machine " Titanium" and " QMRA"


We conduct a complete scan of your body, done by a non - invasive method, with diagnostics machines of the next generation.


  • Quick and specific scans of your body as a whole
  • Instant results
  • The scan figures out and detects the reason for your issues
  • No needles, hoses, or any type of radiation
  • Our modern diagnostic machines will unveil the existence of any parasites in your body, as well as any bacteria, viruses, yeast or molds.
  • Also checks for the presence of heavy metals,or any type of allergens that do not belong inside your body


Women often choose this route instead of getting a mammogram done because there is no radiation involved, as well as your privacy stays intact 

Men often choose our method in place of a prostate exam because there is no need to take off your clothing or go through an uncomfortable experience.

Mothers with small children often take advange of our services, and get their children examined

after the Holidays or vacations, to make sure their children do not have Lyme disease infection after a tick or a mosqito bite. (Lyme disease is caused by bacteria of the genus Borrelia. The disease is carried by ticks and mosqitos which are parasitic on mammals such as mice and deer.)

Future parents do not wait until you are having trouble getting pregnant, come take care of your health problems now.


The method which our machine uses, has the ability to find even the smallest detail inside of your body, so often this method unveils the root of your health problem, which would seldom be found during a traditional or routine medical test and examination.

The ability of our diagnostic machine to detect even the smallest deviation from a normal state, will help you fix a problem before it ever becomes something worse.

We don't just treat the symptoms, we help fix the real reasons for your health problems.


So that we can give you our full attention, please call ahead to make an apointment. 

phone number: 721 295 335 (+420 Czech Republic area code) 

feel free to contact us by email if needed office (at)



Modern Health - your partner for good health and a better life


PLEASE BE ADVISED that Center for Modern Health is not a medical facility, and our workers are not medical professionals. Any medical exams or services done, are not in place of a traditional medical exam by a medical professional or medical care. FRQ generator, Super Ravo Zapper and Plasma Generator RPZ 14 are not professional medical machines or devices. Super Ravo Zapper is a frequency generator. RPZ 14 is an experimental labratory machine/device.

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